A Little About Us...

D.A.R.N. Pest Control Services has over a decade of industry experience in structural pest control. We take pride in doing the job right by providing high quality services. D.A.R.N always works with its clients and for its client - that's the way we do business! We are fully licensed, insured and discreet and we promise quality and workmanship you can trust. 

Call us for help at (647) 612-7378

High Quality Products

Knowledgeable Staff

Canadian Owned 

& Operated

         On-Time & Thorough

    Environmentally Conscious

  Follows IPM 

(Integrated Pest Management) Practices

Hear From Our Loyal Customers!

We had birds who built a nest in our vents. They sounded beautiful but what they left behind was disgusting ... bird mites. So small to the eye that I thought it was dust but they were moving. We had D.A.R.N. come out and the technician helped us get our situation under control terminating them.  A true professional and someone I completely trust to get the job done!

- Paulina S.

Hear From Our Loyal Customers!

The professionalism and knowledge that D.A.R.N. Pest Control had in solving our insect problems was so reassuring. Thank you for finally making us feel at peace in our home! I hated those bugs! We are so thankful to your company! 

- Paulette G.

Hear From Our Loyal Customers!

D.A.R.N. was quick to respond with a quote offering affordable prices for our needs. The technician is definitely an expert in his field, with excellent customer service, product knowledge and a professional work ethic. I highly recommend.

- Debbie K.

I started using D.A.R.N Pest Control because of an ant problem we were having around our house and in our home.  Your technician walked me through ever step of the process and answered all my questions. The problem was rectified on the first visit, our family was extremely happy. I was more than satisfied with the service and the affordable pricing. Thank you!

- Stephanie P.